more flowers!!

OMG I just found some more amazing flower designs (again, my thoughts are just all over the place at the moment, so they’re quite different, but here we go!)

These are all from Twisted Willow designs:

And the more I look, the more I think I’m being able to come to a conclusion about what I like, and what I don’t.

I think for me, there’s a fine line between what looks pretty, and what looks messy.  And I definitely want pretty over messy..

Case in point – some of the ‘flower balls’ I’ve seen look lovely (which is what I’m currently considering for my bridesmaids), and when they’re symmetrical and even (and not messy!), they look great.  Others look like someone has tried to squash in as many flowers as possible to make it look full, and it just doesn’t work.  Here’s a ‘yes’ (ok the colour isn’t my thing, and the feathers.. well, but you get the impression):

And here’s a no.. it just looks all higgledy-piggledy…

So I think for me, as the bride, I’ll be going for a long bouquet, rather than a round one, something like either of these:

Aaah, aren’t they lovely!  Ok I’m going to stop looking now, otherwise I could go on forever!


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