Venue no. 6

Ok, ok, I’ve been slacking, big time!  So here it is, in super quick mode, I’m going to try and do a really quick run-through of all that we’ve seen in the past 2 weeks, starting with Venue number 6… Bisham Abbey, in, erm.. Bisham?

In a very brief summary… lovely, but not right for us.  I mean, totally not right for us.  This really helped to cement for us, that we do not want some big, grand, manor / country house with dark wood panelling and big posh pictures of ancient kings and queens or whatever.  I mean, totally lovely, regal, elegant and grand.. pretty much everything we’re not  – haha!!  So here are just some pictures to sum it up.  One thing I did LOVE was the idea that you could arrive by boat into the back garden of the Abbey! Lush!

Here come the pictures.. view from the front:

Views of the inside of the hall – where the wedding breakfast would be…

Picture-perfect staircase:

Outside patio and garden space at the back of the venue:

And the chill out space / bar area / dance floor:

Finally, the room which would usually be the ceremony room, but which we could use for whatever we wanted:

Lovely, just not lovely for us!


Moving on!!