Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Ok, so I haven’t posted with details about the venues we went to yesterday (which, in the end, we only went to one, but more about that later).

Instead, I’ve spent the afternoon trawling the interwebs for more inspiration, and put together an inspiration mood board.  I’ll admit – there was a motive, it’s part of my entry to the Rock My Wedding Real Brides search.  But I still loved doing it, and it also pushed me towards narrowing down what I really do and don’t like.

So here it is, my wedding inspiration mood board!  Enjoy 🙂


Pretty paper

Today I’ve been taking a gander at wedding stationary.  And I seem to be leaning towards designs with flowers on them, which has come as a bit of a surprise to me!

However, I’m a bit inbetween places at the moment, as I think until we’ve worked out where the wedding reception will be, I can’t really start thinking about how the rest of the styling will go.  For example if we go for a barn reception, I’m thinking that the decor will be a lot of greens and pale colours – cream, ivory, peach etc, with trailing ivy and wisteria and light, airy summer meadow flowers, perhaps a bit like this

DIY Wedding Flowers, Floral Hair Garland, How-To, Junkaholique, Wedding bouquet, Wedding Jewellery (17)

but if we go for a marquee wedding, then I think the colours will be a lot brighter, big blooms and long, slender leaves, mixed with bunting and colourful crockery.. a bit more like this…

Calla lily with milano roses and gerbera - big impact

or this… (but with more flowers)

But for now, I love these three wedding stationary designs, and I think I could make them work with both ideas… (!!)

This first one is called Emse by Emma Jo

And these next two are both by Vicky Trainor

But at prices of between £680 – £950 for invites, RSVPs and place cards, I’m thinking I might go back to the idea of making our own!!

So back to the drawing board for now!!

To book or not to book…??

Lots of thoughts going round in my head about wedding venues over the last few days.  There seem to be a lot of places offering last-minute deals on dates left for this year, which I was surprised at.  6 months still left to plan a wedding in late August/early September seems relatively do-able, especially with the money you could save on hiring the venue.. could easily then be spent on other things to get them done in a short space of time.

So the thought on my mind most is.. to book or not to book?!  Do we look at venues now, then wait until this time next year and keep our fingers crossed there will be a deal for what we want, and possibly save ourselves a whole heap of money, or book now, and know we have the date we want, at the venue we want, and know for sure that bit is out of the way.

But in the meantime, here’s some more pretty inspiration I’ve found today.

I definitely want a ‘leaf tree’ style guest book for our wedding, what a wonderful way to have something a little bit personal from all of the guests, as something you can frame and hang on the wall.  A beautiful idea, and so cost effective and simple.  I must admit, I’ve done similar things for work, with children using either hand-prints of cut-outs of their hands for leaves on a tree, but never thought of bringing the idea to a wedding!

All of these images have been *ahem* borrowed from the amazing wedding inspiration / blog site that is Rock My Wedding.  Click on the pictures to go to the original pages ❤